The Obey River Below Dale Hollow Lake

The Obey River near Celina, Tennessee is out of the way and traffic is generally light. The Obey is an outstanding Spring and Fall destination for Middle Tennessee fly anglers. Rainbows and brown trout are the fish that most fly fishing anglers pursue on this water. But an occasional striper will also eat a streamer and increase your heart rate.

Keys for a Successful Day

Timing the generation from Dale Hollow Dam is key to a successful day on the Obey River. Fishing the Obey for 20+ years gives us unique insight into the history of fly fishing the river. Knowing which flies work at certain times of the year and when the Obey is and is not productive are a few things we understand better than most. The Obey below Dale Hollow Dam can be finicky.



Length of the Floats

The 6 hour floats are the perfect length of time to fish the Obey river. On these floats you will see birds of prey, small mammals, sometimes large game animals, and of course fish… All that while you fish from the comfort of our 16′ Hyde high-side drift boat. This boat has stable casting braces and comfortable seating for one or two anglers.

Methods for Successful Fly Fishing

Are you wondering about the methods of fly fishing we use on the Obey? We fish nymphs under indicators on lower water. Some dry/dropper rigs work better at certain times of the day and streamers. All these methods can be effective and bring some exciting fish to the net. We can design your day on the flies that are fishing best and what best suits your style, or you can just present the fly how the guide would normally fly fish on a “guide’s day off”.

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Self guided trips

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