The Elk River, near Lynchburg, Tennessee is a smaller tailwater and is quietly one of the most exciting rivers for anglers. Although the fish can be smaller, some may also exceed 20″ and anglers need to be stealthy as well as prepared for the bite at anytime. The Elk produces some excellent brown trout, rainbow trout and smallmouth fishing. With higher fish counts this river can be fun for both experienced and novice anglers.

The Flies

Nymphs: This river is a great nymphing river. Springtime on the Elk is one of the most entertaining and fun times to be there. Fish counts are good, sizes are good and we have relaxing days catching our share of the fish. 

Midges: Fishing midges under dry flies can be very productive on the Elk at times. When the water is clear it is fun to fish you midge under a small dry fly. Seeing a fish come to and eat a dry is as good as it gets. The midge is a good insurance policy and often the fish will look at the dry and decide to eat that midge.

Terrestrials: This is a summertime tactic. It isn’t always the most productive. It doesn’t matter ifs the fish eats right away or inspects your offering. Either way, it is awesome when the fish eats.