The Caney Fork River is one of Middle Tennessee’s best known drainages and often produces larger brown and rainbow trout for fly fishing anglers. Trophy fish are not uncommon while fishing the Caney Fork. This river can be crowded so flexibility is critical to success. The drift boat is unmatched when fishing this river.

The Flies

Streamers are fun on high water and we have caught some of our largest trout on 2+ generators. This is not for the faint-at-heart and keeping that rod tip in the right position can be the difference between the PB and a fish story.

Nymphs are highly productive. Knowing when to change depth, technique and when to Stick-n-Stay and Make’em Pay is something learned over time. Years of experience is most helpful. 

Midges can be one of the best techniques for fish that are on the riffles and fish that are rising. Be aware of the fish that is eating off the surface or just subsurface. Observation helps. Colors and soft presentation skills produce better fishing. 

Terrestrials are the best eat! Dropping a big ole fat meal in the right place is among the most exciting eats you will experience. The right profile, size and presentation increase your catch rate. But, one wrong move and the fish will ghost, never to be seen again…

The Sections

The Upper: Fishing from Center Hill Dam to the Happy Hollow access holds larger numbers of trout. The “Upper” is filled with riffles, runs and long-fat pools. Patience is critical here in these 6 miles of water. But, your patience can be rewarded with a Personal Best (PB) on any given day.

Happy 2 Betty’s: This section is perfect for a half-day or a 3/4 day. With the right generation an angler can fish some of the most diverse water on the river. All types of structure are available on this float and the fish are willing to be caught anywhere in this 4.5 mile stretch.

Betty’s to Thayer: This is a longer stretch of 6+ miles. Low water gives the angler a better chance at bigger fish. Finding the right seam in the right place increases your catch rate. There are some “high-value” areas which should be fished with stealth, while being aware of the most subtle bites.